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We provide certified and sworn translation of all sorts of documents, quickly and expertly.
Whether you’re applying for a job abroad, exporting into foreign markets, employing a foreign national or enrolling into a school in a different country, some of your documents will probably need to be translated by a certified court interpreter or translator, also sometimes called a sworn translator. Your personal documents, agreements and contracts, company registry excerpts, diplomas, safety data sheets, testing reports and similar documents — all expertly and quickly translated and certified, ready for your next endeavour!

What is a certified or sworn translation?

A certified or sworn translation is a special kind of translation done by a translator appointed by a legal authority of a country. In Croatia, these translators are called ‘certified court interpreters’ or ‘sudski tumači’ and they are appointed by a court.

Sworn translations are confirmed as true and accurate translations of the original document and have the same legal validity as the original document.

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Why choose Integra for certified and sworn translation services?

  • Because we truly love our work.

  • Because we will pair you up with a competent certified court interpreter who can translate your documents into the language required.

  • Because we have experience with different kinds of certified or sworn translations, from preliminary contracts of sale and ID documents to technical documentation used in import and export.

  • Because we deliver translations on time and as agreed.

  • Because we can translate into almost any language.
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What languages are available for certified translations?

We can provide certified and sworn translations into all European and several other major languages. Most often, we render sworn translations from and into English, German, French, Spanish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovenian and Italian. Sworn translations are usually done from and into Croatian, but different language combinations are available.

Who are sworn translators?

Certified court interpreters or sworn translators are specialised translators whose expertise is proven after training and court appointment. They are proficient in the languages they work with and familiar with different legal and public administration systems as well as the corresponding terminology.

A sworn translator or certified court interpreter is obligated to translate truly, accurately and conscientiously and to protect the sensitive information made available to them in the documents they are translating or otherwise disclosed.

Certified court interpreters often work closely with attorneys and public notaries and frequently accompany their clients at court hearings, weddings or road traffic regulations tests.