A good translation helps you reach international markets and new business opportunities.
Are you looking for experienced translators to translate your text while retaining exactly what you meant? Are you looking for someone versed in the specific terminology and phrasing of your profession? Look no further, we’re here!

What makes a translation good?

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of good translation, but even the smallest mistranslation or error can have severe repercussions. A good translation is rendered by language experts juggling several different skills and competences: proficient language skills, vast general knowledge, topic research skills, continuous improvement and learning as well as staying on top of developments in many different fields. Hey, that’s us!

Translation services, tailored to your needs and wishes!

Our translators and language experts have spent years honing their craft and have specialised in different fields and terminologies. Your documents are translated by the translator who is the most versed in the given topic. This enables us to guarantee quality throughout the whole translation process. Your only job is to tell us what you need.

We are a team of experienced language professionals and a bunch of perfectionists!

We take our work seriously, so we work closely with other language professionals: native speakers, terminology experts or expert editors, experts in different fields of science and technology and the best proofreaders. It often takes a village to create high-quality translations!

Integra translation agency

Why choose Integra for translation services?

  • Because we’ve been translating for 30 years and we still haven’t had enough — translation is our calling!

  • Because we are constantly honing our skills and love challenging projects — bring it on!

  • Because we tailor the style and terminology of our translations to the client’s needs and profession.
  • Because we’ve mastered working on looming deadlines and with multiple files being translated into multiple languages.

  • Because we deliver translations on time and as agreed.
  • Because we can translate into almost any language.

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