Only a proofread text is a finished text.
Proofreading and copy editing is so much more than deleting or inserting commas; it is about making a text clear, precise and readable. Do you know how important it is to publish a text without spelling or grammatical errors, in appropriate style and with clear and consistent terminology? We do and we know how to get you there!



What goes into proofreading and copy editing?

The process of proofreading and copy editing is carried out in three stages, or three readings.

The first reading includes detecting and correcting as many spelling and grammatical errors as possible, considering also the different aspects of the text: syntax, morphology, phonology, lexicology and orthography.

The second reading entails reading over the edited parts to recheck everything and make potential additional corrections.

The third reading consists of rereading the edited text from start to finish to check if it works as a whole and to detect possible inconsistencies and leftover errors.

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Why choose Integra for proofreading and copy editing services?

  • Because we know what you wanted to say even when you’re not exactly sure how to phrase it.

  • Because we are thorough, experienced, and keen-eyed.

  • Because we make sure that the style and terminology of the texts we proofread and edit are consistent with the client’s needs and profession.

  • Because we deliver proofread and edited texts on time and as agreed.

  • Because we can proofread and edit texts in almost any language.

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Languages available for proofreading and copy editing

The texts we most often proofread and edit are in Croatian and English, and they usually come from brochures, diploma or PhD theses, articles, website content and similar texts meant to be published. That said, many of them deal with very specialist topics from varying areas of expertise. Finally, some of the texts are literary. (Those come as a special treat!)

Our partners include native speakers proofreading different languages. All you have to do is let us know what you need!

The types of texts we proofread and edit:

  • marketing texts, social media and website content, press releases;
  • videogames, board games, apps and audio guides;
  • contracts, reports, manuals, handbooks;
  • papers, articles, master’s and PhD theses;
  • technical documents, project documentation, standardisation deliverables;
  • literary texts, cookbooks, picture books; and
  • texts on tourism, the hospitality industry, pharmacology, medicine and economy.